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Ed Sheeran
Unreleased song (Live in Sydney)
Ed Sheeran
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Just listen. I just discovered this song, thanks to sheeran-usa. And it’s absolutely beautiful. 


I can see the city light, from where I stand on the top floor, and I'm not sure if I'm dead.

Raise my hands to the clouds, to check if heaven is with me now, cause the Devil's in my bed.

Cause you won't love me, like she would.

No, she won't hold me, like you could.

I bid this city goodnight, and cover street lamps, black my eyes.

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    I love this song so much!!!! Just a small update: Its been released by now. called “Top Floor” and you can find it on...
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    This released as Top Floor by Ed on Naughty Boy’s album: Hotel Cabana; the ending of the released song just breaks me...
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